Portals & Mobile Development

Strategic communication for digital world

We develop bespoke environment that enables companies to provide contents and services to their clients, partners and employees. We always take care so that final product is user friendly, reliable and safe.

Key Business Benefits
  • Content publication: administer your contents through robust solutions for digital world.
  • Direct channels: use digital channels for acquisition and client service.
  • Ux/Cx: enjoy prime user experience with advanced technologies.
  • Web analytics: employ data to develop your digital communications and products.
  • Digital identity: know client preferences (in full legal compliance).


We are able to create enterprise-quality mobile interfaces for content distribution.

Technology Neutral Approach

It is not our ambition to keep our clients dependant on a single technology, trapped in a vendor lock-in. We are always set to choose the right solution for each client and situation.

Platforms we base our solution on

  • SharePoint
  • Java
  • Liferay
  • Alfresco
  • WebSphere Portal





Volkswagen Group

UniCredit Bank

Komerční banka

Société Générale

Česká spořitelna

Erste Group


Moneta Money Bank


Volkswagen Financial Services


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We can look at your business from a different perspective. That´s why we can come up with the new solutions that we can clearly describe, elaborate and design their technical implementation. The original idea is at the beginning of every good business. Thanks to our experience, we quickly know what you want and we are going to help you effectively.

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