Trask eDoceo

Engaging Learning Experience Platform
with robust LMS capabilities and
seamless adoption to business specifics.

Flexible enough to deliver digital content and integrate any other learning channel at anytime into educational programmes, robust enough to easily manage competencies in large and diverse organizations.

Business Strategy Competency management Upskilling and reskilling Talent management Employee engagement Training and development strategy — Products/services portfolio— Distribution channels— Customers and customer care— Market environment HR Strategy — Corporate culture— Performance/productivity management— Talent management— Employees relationship— Employee motivation and renumeration

What does Trask eDoceo offer?

Upskilling and reskilling

  • Alignment with business needs
  • Cost savings and outflow reduction

Campaign-based learning

  • Quick and efficient  reactions to changes
  • Dedicated learning campaigns to keep employees up to date

High adaptability

  • Easy adaption to client specifics
  • Further custom development

Competency models

  • Competency GAP analysis
  • Complex training lifecycle with automated notifications

Communities of learning

  • Talent identification and development
  • Standardized approach to know how retention

Decentralized learning

  • Higher employee engagement due to self-made trainings
  • Expertise retention

Budgeting & reporting

  • Embedded cost management, connected to financial systems
  • Study records overview

Easy integration

  • Cloud / on premise installation
  • eDoceo becomes integral part of your infrastructure
  • HRMS, Portals, ERP integration

Effortless content creation

  • Easy to use, template-based tool
  • Everyone can be an e-learning creator
  • Interactive and intuitive content for best learning experience

Sales network training and development

The most desirable solutions for continuous trainings and independent development of the sales networks.

What makes eDoceo unique?

It offers the broadest range of features for automated trainings to be created on daily basis by sales experts independently of HR. Various content (video, tests, surveys, tasks.) and micro learning features makes sales network training fun and easy!

Fast learning, 5 minutes a day Faster time to market Sales network certification Custom content High NPS rating Continuous development Mitigation of retention risk

Employee engagement and development

Keep your employees growing and let them develop themselves – aligned with your business goals.

How can we help?

  • Faster onboarding
  • Utilize business value of your experts
  • Keep your expertise
  • Automation and digitalization of trainnig processess
  • Embedded reporting, budgeting

Why choose Trask solutions

After more than 15 years of platform development, we draw on experience and long-term connections with some of the the largest corporations in Central Europe. We always make sure that our solutions and innovative products correspond to the latest trends and technologies.

We are a stable partner. We have been developing technologies since 1994. With experience in areas such as integration, portal solutions, artificial intelligence or infrastructure solutions, we can offer comprehensive solutions with high added value.

Our main clients

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