Single API to connect many banks 

BAAPI Aggregation platform allows you to access accounts in EU banks via a single, universal interface. You can easily and quickly take advantage of open banking without addressing the enormous complexity of banking interfaces. 

BAAPI Aggregation Platform

BAAPI Aggregation Platform is a simple, inexpensive and easy-to-use solution to integrate a heterogeneous and dynamic openbanking API environment. Instead of implementing a dedicated connection to each bank, you only need to connect to BAAPI and you’re done. 

BAAPI gives you access to the services defined by the European PSD2: account list, balances, transaction history and payment entry. In addition, BAAPI can also convey banking identity through the API, enrich transaction category information and determine the client’s social and economic profile based on its transaction history. That gives you the opportunity to create products and services with high added value. 

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Who is BAAPI for? 

Banks icon Banks
Credit companies icon Creditcompanies
Companies icon Companies
Payment aggregators icon Paymentaggregators
Financial advisors icon Financialadvisors

Where can BAAPI help you? 


Your client can easily and from one place see the balances and transactions (AIS) in all his accounts at multiple banks. In addition, he can place payments (PIS) from any of his accounts from one location. 

Acceleration of credit processes 

You can connect to a client’s account to better determine his creditworthiness based on the client’s transaction history. In addition, it can be done online, with a few clicks and without the need to document any client documents. 

Financial advice 

Based on the transaction history, it is possible to create a client profile, determine what financial products he already has and what his economic situation is. You can then advise the client knowing what to do. 

New payment method 

You can submit payment orders for EFT directly from your website. BAAPI thus represents a cheap alternative to card payments and replaces the existing payment buttons with a simpler method of entering payments by the client. 

Automate the connection of your accounting and planning system (ERP) to the bank 

You can simply get instant information about movements in your account and send a batch of transactions directly from your ERP system with just one button. Plus, absolutely safe. 

Customer Identity Verification 

Depending on the country, you can easily find out the identity of the customer from his bank using the KYC API. The method is suitable for digital onboarding of new customers and meets the requirements of the AML. And it is easy for the customer who only authorizes himself with his online banking login data. 

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Discover BAAPI

BAAPI is convenient for you and end users. It uses the mandatory PSD2 API that each bank must issue and offer to companies that have the necessary license. 

BAAPI Aggregation platform allows you to access accounts in EU banks via a single, universal interface and can integrate multiple platforms (aggregation solutions from other countries), allowing to access all aggregators through a single infrastructure. 

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Business Benefits of Data Aggregation 

  • Better data for scoring, segmentation and marketing. 
  • Stronger client relationship through Multibanking. 
  • Cheap, simple and convenient payment method. 
  • Enabler for PFM, finance advisory, personalised loyalty. 
  • Cheaper than internal development, ready-to-use. 
  • Continuous update of interfaces, regulatory and standards. 
  • Quick deployment as-a-service. 


  •  Credential vault 

  • Operational data storage 
  • Background synchronisation 
  • Monitoring / audit 
  • DWH export 
  • PSD2 and GDPR compliant 

Why BAAPI from Trask?

1   Save time and investment in development 

Developing and maintaining the API infrastructure has been expensive over the long term. It is not only a primary investment in development, but also monitoring all changes in individual connected banks. Despite the existing standard, the interfaces of individual banks differ and will be further developed. Any such change may result in the failure of your services. 

2   Fast implementation 

Deploy your services quickly with the “Ready to Serve” concept and pay for the service as your clients like your service. We offer BAAPI as a Software-as-a-Service, or (for larger customers) we can also provide onsite implementation in the customer’s environment. 

3   Optional modules  

BAAPI can be extended by optional modules which will boost your capabilities. You can add an Analytic module for transaction categorization and input for scoring, xsell, marketing and retention. Or you simply add KYC API, a module to get the transferred identity from a customer‘s bank.

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Competence by Trask

We know how APIs work

We have long cooperations with banking institutions, therefore we know, how their APIs work and what kind of API development is expected. 

Shaping the law

We participated in creating the industry standards. 

Mock Bank

Companies can actively test our solutions thanks to the Mock Bank (the best sandbox on the market). 

TPP licence or not – this is not the question

For each of your customer journey, business model or use case, we can offer full-fledged and legally verified options even if you are not a TPP license holder. 

Since 1994

We are specialised in integration in the banking industry.  

Carefree 24/7

We run business-critical systems for banks including very strict 24/7 support SLAs. 


Banks have been using BAAPI access since 2016. Access to other banks via BAAPI is used by: