IT Platform Competence & Operations Center

Reliable operations combined with consultancy is our unique value.

Trask provides architecture competence and operational services for established IT platforms to many customers. Our services follow strict SLAs, are delivered 24×7 and cover multiple countries. Together with Trask, our clients build fully professional and reliable platform teams and establish a clear foundation for new projects, continuous improvement and automation.

Platform Competence and Operations As a Service

Trask platform competence centers help our clients to shift from everybody does everything to professional teams with clear responsibilities. They are the basis for professional and process-driven cooperation between IT development and IT operations as well as for secure business continuity of critical systems.

We cover many technology areas (cloud platforms, middleware, logging, big data, content management & collaboration). Our competence centers provide architectural platform know-how to anybody in need and we deliver availability under strict SLAs.

Competence centrum_ikony
Competence centrum_ikony

Asses, Establish, Operate, Improve

First, we work to understand the current situation: the organization of work and the business criticality of the platforms is in our focus. The platforms responsibility is often scattered among different teams. We turn this into a professional dedicated platform competence & operations team.

We establish processes, communication channels and architecture templates in close partnership with customer team members. Naturally, DevOps principles and architectures (e.g. continuous development and integration) are key components of our platform competence centers.

Why with Trask?

Our core value is to deliver reliable operations of platforms and combine these efficiently with the ever-changing requirements of the business (capacity) and the IT organization (integration). We have been running platform competence centers for a long time and established very trusted relationships with our customers for decades.

We are technology smart and business minded. We are conscious about the business impact of the technology in front of us. We cover a broad range of platform technologies and their innovation & automation is in the DNA of Trask. We use our unmatched experience to improve the operational processes and decrease cost.

Competence centrum_ikony


Platform competency centers built from scratch


Microsoft Azure platform Operations Center in CEE


combination of local and nearshore resources


Fully reliable 24×7 operations, any SLA parameters possible

Minding the Human Factor

As a Service.

The idea of competence centers has failed in many organizations. Too rigorous governance and too little understanding for the needs of the supported departments are some of the core reasons.

We pay close attention to these human factors and employ organizational measures to take care of them. Communication, communication and communication are the three main factors for that. Structured and organized. And a little dash of humor at times.

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