Integration is Trask’s lifeblood. We have been systematically working with IT for over 20 years. We have Central Europe’s largest team of certified integration consultants and experts. We build backbone ESB for a wide range of customers, especially the banking industry. We support critical product implementation. We are the first to adopt modern trends, such as API Management, Microservices, and hybrid integration.

Integration Strategy


We assist in grasping integration of applications. We prepare an integration study that maps integration needs; we also identify the steps to meet those needs. We design corresponding architecture based on the modern approaches of SOA, API, and Microservices. We advise on how to build an integration competence centre, how to set the life cycles of integration deliveries, the methodology and governance.

Integration platform – ESB

Being platform-independent, we can advise on the selection of the best solution. We provide the complete supply of the integration platform, along with subsequent development and support in modes up to 24×7. We put into practice the automation of development and operations – DevOps.

API Management & Microservices

We advise on the selection of the proper API Management (APIM) & Microservices strategy and architecture, including the incorporation of APIM into the existing SOA integration. We provide the complete supply of the APIM platform, along with subsequent development and support in modes up to 24×7. We are able to respond to current requirements for APIM (PSD2).

The platform is always selected as per the customer’s needs

Apart from traditional IBM commercial tools, we also work with open-source variants, such as WSO2 and JBOSS. The choice is always based on the specific use and on what our customer needs. We have practical experience from deployment and operation of various platforms, including those used in banking.

Integration Team Leasing

We offer Team Leasing to cover the entire life cycle of the integration supply by a single experienced team (analysis, development, testing). Our experts can work together with the customer’s in-house team to flexibly respond to the changes in the demand for integration services. We quickly adapt to our customer’s methodology and processes, possibly sharing our vast experience and know-how to further improve the customer’s company procedures.

Cloud & Hybrid Integration

We provide help with modern trends, such as cloud integration and hybrid integration.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We provide comprehensive RPA services. Whether you are considering using RPA or already have dozens of robotized processes, our specialists can help you design RPA solutions, analyze processes, develop or operate RPA solutions based on various platforms (Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath…).

Who We Work With

We have number of strong partners who guarantee the quality of their products and technologies. We implement them to serve the needs of our customers, always looking for innovative , reliable solutions.

IBM Integration Bus, IBM Content Manager, IBM MQ, IBM API Connect, IBM DataPower, IBM Websphere Application Server
WSO2 API Management, WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 GREG, WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
JBoss Fuse, JBoss AS
CA API Gateway
Oracle Service Bus

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