Business Intelligence & Master data

Our Business Intelligence competence represents a reliable partner especially for banks, automotive and telco companies. After all, those business verticals are the sources of most our references in data analytics and governance. BI, Risk, Compliance and Innovation – this is where you will find us or our solutions.

Regulatory Reporting

We connect the worlds of data warehousing and business; we supply and operate solutions in regulatory reporting for our customers. We take pride in adding excellent business knowledge to our technical expertise.

BI Architecture (DWH and Datamarts)

We have been active in review and design of data-warehouse architecture, data integration, governance and reporting for several years. The design must not be just on paper. That is why we always make sure it fits the context of the technical and business needs of our customer and, primarily, that it is supported with an implementation plan.

Big Data

We love participation in innovative projects that involve BigData for mining to identify benefits for the customer. We go all the way from the design and technical realisation, across data governance settings, to data analysis.

General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR)

GDPR imposes many new responsibilities on data processing entities. We address those responsibilities in terms of technology – integration of data with the approval database – as well as processing, by creating processes, checks and documentation as required by the regulation

Master Data Management (MDM)

Our MDM team assists our customers in identifying unique records (e.g. Clients) in their databases and connecting them with relevant data in other systems. For a start, we can measure the data quality and run data profiling. The optimum solution includes deduplication and cleaning of the current database. Last but not least, we offer our proprietary technology solution for code list management. We have considerable experience from banking as well as public administration.

Data Quality

The quality of your data only depends on how you look after it! We provide a methodology framework that assists in keeping the data in a good shape in the long term. Data quality can also be addressed with a technology platform for data quality management. We will do anything to keep your data in shape! We can measure data quality and evaluate it continuously.

Our Products

We are not afraid to speak our mind to our customers and to advise on alternative solutions to address their needs. And first of all – we do not promise heaven on earth.

Reference Data Store

Our RDS solution for administration of static data offers our clients one-point administration of code lists across the life cycle and in various environments. Lots of environments with heterogeneous release cycles, hundreds of users with various access levels, hundreds of code lists? Not a problem for RDS. Say no to sending Excel sheets, uploading data directly into the database under the supervision of database specialists and to the high cost of data synchronisation among various systems. We are proud to say that RDS was mentioned in the Product Data Solutions section of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report for Master Data Management!

Who We Work With

We have a number of strong partners who guarantee the quality of their products and technologies. We implement them to serve the needs of our customers, always looking for innovative, reliable solutions.

Data Management, Data Governance, Campaign Management, Customer Insight
DWH, Reporting, Self-service BI
Big Data Analytics

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