Simplify your corporate processes

Processes are becoming increasingly complex and their tangly nature makes them inefficient and costly. The root cause is not easy to identify.
Trask Process Discovery aggregates primary data from your systems, applies special algorithms to process them, and translates the result into synoptic outputs.
With Trask Process Discovery, three weeks were enough to find out how a bank could accelerate their lending processes by 30%.

Process Discovery Business Benefits

  • Quickly detects symptoms and verifies assumed causes of inefficiencies.
  • Eliminates manual data collection and subjective analysis.
  • Processes data from standard corporate systems.
  • Tracks customer journey across applications and/or channels.

Direct Effect on Your Business

Knowing how much a process costs you today, you can easily figure out how much you will save if it takes 30% less time. The initial analysis in itself will help you save many millions.

Trask Process Discovery

We have developed a unique tool called Trask Process Discovery allowing for extremely rapid digital twin creation, and we will lend it to you free of charge in initial stages.

Combined Business and IT Knowledge

We can “translate” raw data from computer logs to business processes at a lightning speed, and what’s more, we can interpret the data and provide practical recommendations.


Zoom-out: for a bird’s-eye view of the network or of customer journey.

Zoom-in: employee-level / document-level view.

Determines real costs of a product.


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UniCredit Bank


Volkswagen Group

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