We understand our customers’ businesses. Innovation is in our genes. Trask always brings innovative solutions in terms of technology and business. We help companies to understand how new technologies can help them to be more successful and competitive. We help with the transition to Digital Business and with the search for new sources of revenue. We propose technological strategies for specific business goals. We provide consultations associated with digitisation and technologies, with business sectors where our clients are involved and with legislation or regulators.

What We Do

We look into areas which currently have major impact on the efficiency and performance of companies and institutions.

Digital Transformation

Thanks to our many years of practice in business digitisation, we offer a number of prepared specific solutions. We can predict the changes of your business model and in your role in the ecosystem. We are capable of digitising your current products and come up with new, purely digital services. We can define and plan the entire transformation, manage the change and act as the system integrator. The digital solution can be delivered end-to-end.

Regulatory Consulting

Banking and insurance has recently been targeted by a number of legislative measures. In this aspect, we offer our clients E2E services from the mapping of impact, design of processes including possible impact on IT. Cooperation with colleagues from other departments of Trask offers implementation of the solution as well. We are experts in GDPR, PSD2, and CRS.

Process Delivery and Optimization

Every major corporation inevitably reaches a point where its internal processes attain a level of complexity and, over time, inefficiency. As the mapping of current processes then tends to be a laborious effort, we offer to address such situations with tools for automated process mapping. The tools are based on automated evaluation of events from IT systems and log analyses. They deliver instant effect while minimising human labour.

Customer Experience

In an environment where the customers more and more often communicate, address their needs in the digital world, the capability to deliver constant, relevant, and customised response anywhere and any time becomes more and more important from the standpoint of ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. Every corporation should aim at providing long-term prosperity through satisfied, loyal customers. That is why we focus on solutions that are based on knowledge of the business and current technologies.

Enterprise Architecture

We have been providing strategic IT consulting for 12 years. We advise business units as well as IT management. We can develop a vision and tell you how to deliver it. Our visions are fit for realisation; we have participated in turning them into reality. We actively assist in the improvement of communication between the business departments and IT. We monitor the trends and know how to implement them. We are visionaries.

Technology Consulting

We are familiar with nearly all major IT technologies and can advise our customers on how to deploy and use them correctly. Be it single-point consultancy, long-term support or full-scale consulting, our certified experts are always ready to help and advise on technologies from major IT providers. In many of the technologies, we have been our customers’ first-choice partner, be they IBM, Microsoft, VMWare, (Trask was the first partner in the country) or EMC / OpenText etc.

Who We Work For

In the Consulting domain, we work for major companies who are the market makers and require the best quality solutions. Below you can find the companies that have been our customers for a number of years.





Raiffeisen Group


Société Générale


Erste Group