The largest database of tax identificators for the CRS

Why use CRS portal?

CRS Portal is a single, complete database of all tax identifiers, allowing to fulfill the requirements of DAC2 (CRS) legislation. In accordance with legislation, banks are obliged to collect tax identification numbers (in Czech republic known as DIČ, internationally known as TIN). That is why we created a database of all the countries for which Czech legislation requires this collection. We offer this application as a service – a knowledge base. What are the benefits of using it?


Guaranteed up-to-date

Regular daily monitoring of more than 800 data sources guarantees, that all the information is always up-to-date.



The data are conveniently arranged in a unified format for everyday use.



Our product is the only solution completely covering the 1700 tax identifiers, to which the CRS legislative applies.

Clients who trust our CRS portal

Česká spořitelna

Erste Group Bank


Raiffeisen Bank

Komerční pojišťovna

Societé Générale S.A.


Moneta Money Bank

What makes CRS Portal unique?

A single, complete source of information
All information from 800 sources are regularly updated and centralized to one point for your convenience.

Guaranteed high-quality data
The data is regularly manually verified by our experts in the field of CRS.

We will take care of the legislative requirements for you
We regularly monitor the changes in legislative for you and inform you in advance by means of a newsletter.

Saving time and costs
We will solve the need to regularly monitor the legislative and detailed information from all 130 countries for you.

Automated updates
The data is regularly updated directly in the application running in cloud.

Simple and fast implementation
The whole solution runs in cloud and requires no implementation on your side.

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